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We speak of grace but we are not gratefull. Why? We speak of a peace of mind but we are not peace makers. Why? We seek charity yet we are not mere care givers. Why? We preach freedom yet have not freed our hearts. Why? Tjese are some of the questions I ask myself. Where exactly are we leading our lives. Are we really enjoying the freedoms of our lives when we have not freed ourselves from our bad mind. Attitude is a key player in tbe making of our days. The attitude you showcase determines who you will. If you can't your environment then nothing can change form. If you won't create peace then you won't know a peace of mind. Make the Choice to take a Chance if you want anything toChange.#CHOICE#CHANCE#CHANGE


being a good leader is not all about having admirable qualities. Sometimes it is based on the ability to appreciate the fact that everyone is different from the person next to him/her. After making this realization comes a great leader. A great leader acknowledges everyone around him for who they are not what he sees in them.

fake and plastic people

we are living in societies where people have a tendency of mistaking both plastics and fake people with role models.
A role model is not just someone with a high public profile and so much cash to dispose for no definite cause. I strongly believe that the kind of person we should call a role model is someone with real admirable character trends. Like I quoted the late Bob Marley in an earlier post, "Some people are poor, the only thing they have is money." As the youth of today we need to be in a position to be able to identify the real role models. Let us not be blind folded by large sums of money which is not meant for investment but rather destroy our lives. One comes and gathers a group of youths, buys them crates of alcohol and in return they do one or two favors and sometimes run errands for the individual. This is the kind of situation the society is facing today and because of desperation the young generation is lured into dirty deeds.
I mourn my generation because I h…