By Milton Chitsime “Respect for people” doesn’t cost a thing, but for many Harare men, this virtue seems to cost a million pounds. Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) against women has become the daily bread for perpetrators who go unpunished. I strongly believe the culprits skipped Sunday school when the teacher taught that God created man in His own image. Had they understood that everyone is an image of God, they wouldn’t be viewing women as mere objects that they can toy with anyhow. Three disturbing forms of SGBV, yet receiving little or no attention from authorities are public urination, profanity and sexual harassment – all perpetrated against women. The prolonging of these abominable practices calls for Operation Restore Ubuntu, but just a quick look at them first.

Public urination
“Public urination causes environmental ruination.” How many people have seen women emptying their bladders in public? It is safe to point accusatory fingers at men of no shame for this shameful act. …

Below The Shadow

By Gerald TapiwaMoyoMemories entangled with wishes flash through my brain,
As  I wonder when the showers of peace,
Will rain on the surface of this earth,
For infinite hours.Ever since I have been longing,
To persuade the world to refrain,
From what the adversary of the pleasantry constrain,
In the country.
Every now and then the human existence is executing tasks,
That are not in accordance with the commandments.I have been wondering if it was what had been mentioned,
In the Book of Truth.
It has been so mystifying with the very surrounding.
Every moment that I look out of the window,
To my surprise I see a shadow.
I feel deep inside that this is not,
Just a feeling but there is real need for true healing.I had witnessed others being dragged into the dungeons,
Yet they are bewildered by a scenery of pavilions.
When I see them administering  and manifesting in a way that
Is not for the pleasure their Creator,
I realise that they had ran away from the treasure.
When I try to utter to t…


Does your pen bleed the ink that can drive home a message for the reader? Do you write to entertain, teach, advocate or create awareness? Do you want to be part of a group of voices sharing their views through the art of verses?

Did you just say yes to the above questions? Join us for the Art Plus Poetry Anthology, 2019 Edition.

What is Art Plus Hope?
Art Plus Hope is a rising anthology that aims at creating a platform for rising creative writers to share their works and gain exposure. Collectively, we will create each other's names.

Submission Guidelines:
Each poet should submit not more than 2 poems in a word document to and the email subject should be Art Plus Hope Poetry 19. Alternatively, you can post the document in the Art Plus Hope: Poetry '19 WhatsApp group. To join group click here.
Each submission should be accompanied by a biography and photo of the poet.
Submission deadline is 15 January, 2019.
Themes are Abuse, Child Marriage, Child Labor, Disc…

The Virtue

By Andrea Chipiri

The Bible's three and four codes of conduct
Dictate more and more gut
Colossal diametrically
With a smooth passion and impartiality

Stop wishing when others are dreaming
Leave the darkness and start beaming
Prognosticate upon achieving
Wake up today  and start leaving

In the night, run outside in the moon
See more light, see the little gloom
You shan't be gone
When a new life is gone

The Poet Andrea Chipiri
Andrea is an aspiring Zimbabwean poet finding poetry to be her gateway to let out whatever she is carrying in her heart. She is a student at Midlands State University studying Politics and Public management.

4 Truths on Evangelism: A Brief Analysis


Open Chat- Meet Kim Chuka

Today on Open Chat we are joined by Kim Chuka, a young and talented Lady. Kim is a poet and theatre artist.

(OC) Welcome Kim and thanks for joining us at Open Chat.

(Kim) thank you very much I am honoured to be here

(OC) Sure, so without wasting much time. Please tell us a brief story about Kim

(Kim) So Kim is short for kimberly, fully known as Silibaziso kimberly Samkheliso Chuka I am a theatre practitioner and poet. First child in a family of three started writing at the age of 14 I find life when I write and perform so basically art is life oh and I am 21 my stage name is Thespiansphynx

(OC) Wow, such an intriguing background. As a poet, what inspires you to mate pen and paper? (Kim) life situations, emotions and society

(OC) Has writing brought any satisfaction towards your intentions as a poet?
(Kim) very much, it has and still does

(OC)Awesome! Do you ever regret being a poet?

(Kim) not at all

(OC) So you are good with poetry

(Kim) yes I can say

(OC) Great!  Do you ever receive any criticism…