He Is My Uncle

By Karen C Solomon

I stood there! Looking very smart, he winked his eye and I honestly smiled back because he is my uncle.
One day aunty dropped me at school and was supposed to pick me up like always. She then called later  informing the Principal that she was caught up with work and was not able to come pick me up! Then my uncle was called to pick me up.

Yes he is my uncle! We went to Nandos. I no longer knew the taste of it ever since prices sky rocketed. But because he is my uncle I had  the privilege of getting another taste .

Tired as I was, I slept in his car and I don't know how I got to my room. The moment I woke up I saw him near me. Yes my uncle! I was confused and did not know why he had to be in my room.  He told me that he wanted to make sure that I was warm. I smiled again and thanked him because he is my uncle. The following day my aunt left for work leaving the two of us home. Uncle who said he could not go to work because he was sick. He asked for tea and I took …

Stalwart Being

By Jurgen Namupira

Inspired by Lorraine Guyo Photo by Eland Digital Studio

Her spirit is her armour,
Her smile is her ammunition,
Storms may rise
Pain may multiply
The going may be tough,
But the dream remains her inspiration

With integrity
A positive energy
And will to build a legacy
Keeps her head high,
Riding rough in the rugged terrain

Eyes on the score
She is a mighty warrior,
A fighter from within
All you see is the golden smile,
The deep scars are hidden beyond
Look deeper
You will see


Book Review: Imani

By Jurgen Namupira

Title: Imani Author: Liliane Mukidi ISBN: 978-0-9947229-2-8 Release Date: 10 November, 2018

Imani is a book written to speak louder than our imaginary voices. It brings a better appreciation of the fact that literature is the mirror through which society looks at and sees its perfect reflection. The author plays around with the creativity side of the art to give an account for reality. It is somehow difficult to point out the fine line that distinguishes it between fiction and reality.

Imani is the story of a girl who has grown into a strong lady, but her past is one that makes people cry rivers of bitter tears. The writer successfully narrates the transition from excitement to tragedy, from a happy family to broken ties and most importantly one major misunderstanding that we have in our societies. She touches on the topic of how Imani is raped by her boyfriend, but she is afraid to spit out a word of this despicable act. Thus, she keeps her mouth closed and unfortunat…

A Thing Called Love

By Bertha
Love...are you real ?
Or just one of those fairy tales.
Funny how happily never after concludes your story.

I used to think you exist not. Then I figured you are a bright light that deems with time.

It seems you and marriage don't get along. I fear your differences make us fear commitments.

What Is An Old Soul?

By Jurgen Namupira 

(Based on true events)
Once upon a time I was told by a stranger that I am an old soul in a young skin. He said in a polite way.

At first I was confused with no idea of what these words hoped to deliver. Not so quick to react or judge, I took time to ponder on it.

It so happened that I was walking around appreciating life. Like always I had my earphones plugged in, listening to some refreshing music. All I wanted was to concentrate on my business and not mind the rest of the world. I still remember that I was listening to a song by Lucky Dube (May his soul rest in peace),  but forgotten the actual title. However, the song had a deep meaning for life. Then this stranger riding his scooter pulled off by the roadside and asked to have a word with me. I wasn't in a rush so I spared a moment to here what he had to say.

"He could have been a prophet or any kind of seer." That's the words I remained behind with when he drove off and left me behind. One th…

We Are One

Art Plus Hope is focused on uniting writers with the intentions to show the power of unity. As a group we stand a better potential to preach positive words and heal our broken societies.  One way to do so is through poetry. In this post we showcase poems by different poets sharing their thoughts on the title We Are One.

Poet : Gerald Tapiwa Moyo

Coming across the infinite;
recording everyone's face,
Is not that definite.

Different groups execute;
different tasks which are destitute,
in the activities for their principalities.

As one gets closer;
to another to take a survey,
pride of oneself is the most;
visible attribute.

What are we;
Leaving unattended individuals;
In need of what we call,

Even though we have problems;
In our lives,
there is attribute known as;
Selflessness that we are lacking.

There is true need;
to recollect ourselves,
Every benevolent attribute;
that we have stored in our own shelves.
Drag all these to one ground.

Kind debris spread throughout;