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Open Chat- Meet Kim Chuka

Today on Open Chat we are joined by Kim Chuka, a young and talented Lady. Kim is a poet and theatre artist.

(OC) Welcome Kim and thanks for joining us at Open Chat.

(Kim) thank you very much I am honoured to be here

(OC) Sure, so without wasting much time. Please tell us a brief story about Kim

(Kim) So Kim is short for kimberly, fully known as Silibaziso kimberly Samkheliso Chuka I am a theatre practitioner and poet. First child in a family of three started writing at the age of 14 I find life when I write and perform so basically art is life oh and I am 21 my stage name is Thespiansphynx

(OC) Wow, such an intriguing background. As a poet, what inspires you to mate pen and paper? (Kim) life situations, emotions and society

(OC) Has writing brought any satisfaction towards your intentions as a poet?
(Kim) very much, it has and still does

(OC)Awesome! Do you ever regret being a poet?

(Kim) not at all

(OC) So you are good with poetry

(Kim) yes I can say

(OC) Great!  Do you ever receive any criticism…

Open Chat- Meet Talent Ncube

As part of the Art Plus Hope Blog initiative, today at Open Chat (OC) we are joined by Talent Ncube,a lady of 31 years with a great passion of spoken word. As an aspiring artist she enjoys telling stories to people around her and hopes to grow her audience.

(OC) Welcome Talent, and thank you for spending time with us at Open Chat.
(TN) Thank you for having me on open Chat
(OC) Can you start by giving our followers a brief background of yourself and where you are coming from?
(TN) Talent is a lady who grew up in Zimbabwe and had a fair share of both hassles and a great childhood. She is popularly known as Tenacious, a name given to her because of her strong determination to her goals.
(OC) What or who has been your greatest inspiration of all time?
(TN)Because I have to mention one I’ll go with Strive Masiyiwa, the owner of the leading Cellular network in Zimbabwe. He is not just a business mogul; he is a motivational speaker and his writings touch the lives of young people including myse…

Open Chat- Meet Esteem Tafirenyika

Art Plus Hope has taken a new leap of faith and hopes to create an impact in the world of art. We have started doing interviews with established or aspiring artists of all calibers. Our objective is to help more artists get known by the world. Besides just posting their works, we also need to introduce them in person to the world.

Today we are joined by Esteem Tafirenyika a young enthusiastic orator. He is focused on helping Africa utilise what she has and take her real position globally.

(OC) Welcome Esteem, and thank you for spending time with us at Open Chat.
(ET) The pleasure is all mine.
(OC) Can you start by giving our followers a brief background of yourself and where you are coming from?
(ET) I'm an Orator and Entrepreneur but still in High School. I have ventured into various projects, some of which are still works in progress. I started speaking in 2014 and l am actually fighting to be a Professional Speaker.
(OC) What or who has been your greatest inspiration of all time?

Book Review: The Art of Realising your Dream.

By Jurgen Namupira

One day I came across a soft copy of this book once again when I was perusing through some of my files. I read some of the chapters yet again for the umpteenth time and still felt like I'm reading for the first time. The book really is an amazing piece and compelled me to write something about it.
Who is Abel Mavura?

Abel Mavura is a Social Justice Advocate, a Development Practitioner, a Solution Bearer, Life skills Coach and Trainer. His passion is in networking, creating synergies and sharing ideas. He is also a communication enthusiast holding an English Diploma issued by the British College of Management, Southampton, Journalism and communication Christian College of Sourhern Africa CCOSA. 
Abel was born and raised in an average family in one of the marginalized villages of Zimbabwe. He had to strive courageously to reach all he has achieved today. As a result of his background experience in Community Development Work, he has helped identify and scout various t…


by Silibaziso Kim Chuka

Once upon a time I was falling in love,
alas a total eclipse of the heart.

That facaded chime of love you preached,
this vice of human folly to it i fell prey
the importance of being ernest you knew not.. .

love to fault,
to fault always blind,
breaking all the fetters and walls around me with your lies

A magnitude of solace i thought i had in the quietude,
the secrecy confined..

Alas now I know to know love from deceit.

The PoetBorn on the 18th of March 1995, Silibaziso is a Zimbabwean poet, writer and humanitarian whose planning to study journalism. Her passion of the art has been fueled by her day to day surroundings.

Mostly she enjoys reading and writing, listening to jazz and soul. She is very social, helpful and polite with a glimmer of humor. As it is she is capable to work individually and also in a team setting, very outgoing and tactful. Silibaziso started writing at the age of 14 although not published yet. Her works are mainly centered on the parad…