By Chenai Boroma

“Stand aside!”
Because you’re from the south- a cradle of darkness,
“Stand aside!”
Because your people toil from dusk to dawn baked laden in the scorching and blazing sun when ours brainstorm million dollar contracts in the comfort of their beds,
“Stand aside!”
Because your economy is on the verge of collapsing,
Civil wars in your continent are the order of the day, rival tribes slain and dumped.
“Stand aside!”
Because your ancestors passed through the pearly gates impecunious,
Owning nothing except a riffle and the Bible which they know not it’s use.

It’s their obligation to remind each day by slamming doors of opportunities right into my face.
Myriad upon myriad invested to preach the gospel of civilization but many are yet to grasp,
I stand aside as always, for that’s the only option I have.

Their eyes narrate a story of how their forefathers regarded those of my kind,
Their actions speak louder than words uttered- confirming the gap created in ages that slipped into time.
My unborn seed shall inherit my portion,
Unborn yet their fate is sealed,
Because of this stained skin,
Cursed genes...
Born on the wrong side of the color bar

             Mhembwe rudzi inozvara mwana           

*A Shona saying lightly translated to explain that parents will pass down their genes to their children