Zimbabwe: The Girl Next Door

By Jurgen Namupira

Yesterday a child was born unto this earth. A day before and even more days before lots of children were born. Still, tomorrow and on other days to come more children will still be born. Some have come and gone, leaving behind a series of unanswered questions. Many of us are still here with loads of questions and more are still hanging above our heads like daredevils. The greatest of all; Where are we standing, coming from and going to?

Who knows? Everybody knows, but there is a minute problem to the whole scenario. Nobody knows the whole and absolute truth. I know a fraction of it all and so does my neighbor. Thus, we are stuck in these tiny bubbles of individualism where we have ended up assuming the other part that is unknown to us. And this leaves us with the current dilemma which now seems way beyond what meets the eye.

18 April, historically a very special and happy day for Zimbabwe. Here we are, a nation with mixed emotions. We are not sure whether to rejoice or cry bitter tears of sorrow. It's like a story of the classy girl next door who has all of a sudden fallen pregnant out of wedlock. Everybody knows that she was a commendable and lovable princess with a bright future, but what went wrong is the suspense.

Did she make wrong decisions overnight that flopped when the sun rose. Normally they say the darkest hour is before dawn, but the reverse is likely to make sense in this scenario. Yes! The brightest hour is before sunset. Food for thought!

Maybe she went to bed with the devil himself. You never know, all we see is the illegitimate pregnancy growing faster than the speed of light.

The girl next door is now the proper definition of shame. A chihuahua gone wild. I shan't say any much, but I have seen the disappointment written all over. No one is ready to celebrate the pregnancy, but looking for ways to purify the cursed womb. Until then, we shall scrounge deeper and deeper for the secrets that solve this modern mystery.