Book Review: Imani

By Jurgen Namupira

Title: Imani
Author: Liliane Mukidi
ISBN: 978-0-9947229-2-8
Release Date: 10 November, 2018

Imani is a book written to speak louder than our imaginary voices. It brings a better appreciation of the fact that literature is the mirror through which society looks at and sees its perfect reflection. The author plays around with the creativity side of the art to give an account for reality. It is somehow difficult to point out the fine line that distinguishes it between fiction and reality.

Imani is the story of a girl who has grown into a strong lady, but her past is one that makes people cry rivers of bitter tears. The writer successfully narrates the transition from excitement to tragedy, from a happy family to broken ties and most importantly one major misunderstanding that we have in our societies. She touches on the topic of how Imani is raped by her boyfriend, but she is afraid to spit out a word of this despicable act. Thus, she keeps her mouth closed and unfortunately falls pregnant. Here she represents victims of rape everywhere under the sun who are scared to say out loud when they are devoured by the men that prey on their dignity.

Although it is a personal account, it seems Liliane is writing on behalf of all ladies facing the same predicament. She narrates how she was a part of a happy family, gets rapped and gets thrown out of her father’s house. Hate is written all over and hurt is felt everywhere. Imani suffers rejection, but keeps soldiering on until she reunites with her siblings in a foreign and also finds another gentleman to love her.

Above all, Imani is motivational and educative especially to the girl child that she should be vigilante when it comes to her body, never trust anyone with your body. Also the conscious boy child should respect every girl or woman’s body if he knows that he has no right over it. Love is not violent, it is patient and caring. Last, but not least, family needs to be supportive of each other even on the darkest days. We should not throw others away like garbage, especially when we are forced to choose between our loved ones and saving our public image.

Who is Liliane Mukidi?
Liliane is happily married to Alex Mukidi, mother of five and grandmother of six. She was born in a small mining town in the Democratic Republic of Congo called Kolwezi. Born on 17 May 1968, she holds a Bachelors Degree in Business and Administration. Liliane is also the founding director of Umoja Skills Developmet and servess as a leader at Jubilee Community Church. She moved to South Africa in 1998.