We Need Each Other

By Karen C Solomon

In this journey of life we all need each other. I have at many times heard a lot of people say, "One man for himself and God for us all." Is that always the case? What happened to the idea of two are better than one? Selfishness will not get us anywhere, but rather it will tear us apart.

Your dream is too small if you still think you can do it on your own. Remember for the actors of your favourite movie to act, they need you to watch. We all need each other!

They say a person is a person through other people!(umuntu umuntu ngabantu, munhu munhu nevanhu)  Thus, we need each other!

There is no one superior being than the other. In return there is no one who is useless. There is no one who can't do anything because at the end of the day that person has a part to play. Remember they also say a problem shared is a problem Solved, you won't be able to go anywhere if you think you can do it all by yourself!

God created Eve for Adam because He saw that Adam could do with a helper! We all need each other.

Don't be like Cain who said he wasn't his brother's keeper! You are your brother's keeper! You are who you are because of other people. We need each other!

They also say, "If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together". Togetherness is key! If you want to make it in everything you do, you should know that we all need each other.

Look at ants, how they assist each other in building one thing. Why can't we do the same? Why can't we be united for a good cause? Why can't we tell a friend to tell a friend that we need each other?

Criticisms may emerge, hatred might arise, but you should have a forgiving heart and know that, that person needs you and so do you.

You need to be happy for another person's success, don't go about pointing out fingers saying,"akaromba" (It's dirty money). You were not there when the person was going up and down paving his way to be where he is! Don't be much of a judge even the Bible is against that. Always know that we all need each other.

For you to get where you want to go, you need a little bit of advice from someone who got there before you. They know best, they know which road to take and which decisions to make. This therefore shows that we all need each other.

Jesus also had a team. He had followers! Who are you not to see the importance of others? Who are you not to appreciate when others do well? Who are you to walk around saying,"If it wasn't because of me..."? Let people say," if it wasn't about her..." Don't praise yourself! Be humble and swallow your pride because it will get you no where.

Don't be happy at the expense of others! Get yourself into that person's shoes such that you'd understand that we surely need each other!

For a nurse or doctor to receive his salary, a patient is needed. For a teacher to teach, students are needed. For a society to be functional, your presence is needed because you are a work of art and you also know that we  need each other.