Our Contributors

Chenai Boroma

Pen name, Chychy the Writer.  I named myself the writer because I feel that’s my calling. Writing is all I know. I write more than I read. My writing journey began way back in high school where I used to be best when it comes to composition writings. I never imagined I would write for others though I just thought it was something to fade off after school. After school I then I got to know of an angel, Jurgen Namupira. Yes, he was an angel because he gave me a push into writing, something I never really concentrated with. With him, I then shared a short story which he saw good enough to be a part of his Art Plus Hope compilation for that year. 

Well, that was my wake up call. Seeing my piece in his 2017 edition really inspired me. Since that time  writing has been an inescapable habit for me. I write as a way of offloading overwhelming feelings I will be carrying at a particular time. I also write to entertain those fond of reading. 

Writing has worked positively on my character. I now speak less and listen more. I no longer believe in screaming so to be heard but, I  calmly get my points known to those I’ll be communicating with. Instead of fuming with rage eating myself and drowning in pain. I now write my anger out and that’s why most of my writings show anger, grief and pain. I’m yet to write about love when I experience that “first cut”. Until then, I’ll ride on pain and help others to heal.

Poetry wise I’ve lost count on how many pieces I wrote and I’ve done three short stories which are yet to be published anytime this year (2019).


Francis Takudzwa Gumbo

A young and enthusiastic man from Chinhoyi.

I used to own a marimba when I was three years old old. My daddy bought me this special gift on his way from work one day because he found the shops closed and decided to buy a marimba from a road side vendor.  I started playing it from then until I was about eight years. I only stopped playing because I ruined it, but I didn't stop music. I started to write music in Shona. The first song I wrote and completing (as of 21 June, 2019) was called "wangu rudo" when I was just 10. HoweverI never recorded it because I didn't I did not have immediate access to recording studios. I also started to write poems because they didn't necessarily need to be recorded and I would just perform one in my class.

I also started to write poems because they didn't necessarily need to be recorded and I would just perform one in my class. Recently, I then realized that I also write to let other people see what I see which is the best in them ,their purpose ,their worth. I always learn something new when I read my poems.

The person who played a big role for me to be this far today is my father for the things he always bought me. First it was the marimba and then a giant English dictionary which I read frequently to date.

Writing poems keeps me awake and occupied. I have no time to worry about other things since I always have something to write about. 

Yeah! Poetry has made me a better person since I have had the opportunity to associate with a certain group of people who have added more value into my life. Back in high school I proposed to a girl with a poem and she said yes (laughs).

I think I have written more than 200 poems to date which I am yet to be published. However, I have lost some of them. I am going to keep on writing no matter what . I am very thankful to Kylie Ashleigh for introducing me to the Art Plus Hope Writers ,it has opened my mind broader.

To me poetry is the visual expression of the human intelligence and  emotions.


Ashleigh Manyame

I'm a young and enthusiastic writer from Chegutu, but currently based in Harare, who found courage in telling a lot through scribbling  ink onto the paper to put sense in my ideas. I'm known by a couple of pen names, namely kyle_thegenius/mcwainethepoet/kyle_thewriter. 

I'm a multitalented being in fields like poetry, public speaking, acting, comedy and writing(novels and short stories). I realized my gift at the age of 5 when I take part in music at primary level when I was in grade one. My mother used to urge me to sing mostly in the church every Sunday to mould  my talent; thus boosting my confidence. That's when the confidence in poetry evolves through monitoring in Sunday schools as I preferred to present biblical verses known as memory verses. 

Music was mostly dominating of all my talents and I had to lead the school choir at the forth grade in primary school. Nothing has been accomplished without my present by then. 

Later on in high school I specialize in poetry and song writing for school choir competitions. Still in High school, i was motivated by a poet named Edwin Msipa, popularly known as Black Mampara, who was once our Arts Group Director. He inspired me in poetry and he mentored and advised me through the process of shaping my talent. That's when I started acting cultural dramas and plays and I didn't stop writing songs and singing too. 

Public speaking nudged me from within and urged me to contribute in speech and debates competitions. 
Speech and poetry presentation at school festive and ceremonies groomed me too to perfect my confidence. 

After high school, I started to collaborate in script writing and came up with ideas of writing novels and short stories due to inspirations from other authors. Ideas kept on colliding within my head up until I started to jot them down. Some of my pieces got lost due to lake of support in publishing so as to become a famous writer, but I didn't stop there.

 I started writing over again and came up with a novel yet to be finished and some various poems yet to be published alongside some short stories. 

I'm so grateful for the introduction by Black Mampara to Arts Plus Hope Anthology that is caving and moulding  my gifts into a splendiferous shape and that is helping me in publishing some of my works now on blogs and webs in the sense of gaining recognition. 

And so, due to creativeness as well as better intellectual ability in formulating ideas. I then realized I could be someone through the world of writing, and would love to introduce more significant writers too into the world of paper and ink to share their ideas with the world.


Tanyaradzwa 'Tanya' Mtema

Tanya is a young enthusiastic, dedicated and socialist Zimbabwean writer whose work is mainly dominated underneath the feminist philosophy. She is a Sociology graduate from the University of Zimbabwe and this has highly impacted on her knowledge base regarding the society and it’s human nature. Tanya is also a published poem and fictional short story writer on Writers Space Africa and Writers Global Movement online magazines. Tanya uses the social media to advocate for women rights and empowerment. Her writing career has been going on for a decade and she has escalated to better position as of where she stands currently. Her main focus of themes are betrayal, pain, jealousy, love and abuse. Tanya's writings have always been inspired by other feminists writers across Africa such as Chimaamanda from Nigeria. Being a freelance writer irrespective of gender, sex and ethic heritage, Tanya strives to remain liberal in her writings. She is a writer, blogger and spoken word artist.

How did you realize your talent?
I did not just wake up to realize that I can write. It all started during my childhood when all I could think of was to read and write. I remember my mother used to bring me small Shona novels of various writers like Mordecai Hamutyinei and I just mentioned him because I was inspired by his book Maidei which I read when I was only 11.
My family used to think I was weird because I would read and write almost everyday. I later on discovered my talent when I gave in and wrote a funny book that was very synchronized by superstitious acts of magic, witches and castles. The characters were inspired by Disney where I chose funny childish characters for my story. Writing has been something that grew within me although some believe it was just naturally in-born.

When did I then start writing?
I started writing the moment when I felt well equipped and inspired to be like the other famous writers; I always spent my time reading their works. Like I have mentioned, “Libolng the city of mysterious things” was my first novel. I believe this was just my foundation into the writers world. Being really engaged in writing I started when I was 15 years old and began writing many novels out of curiosity and passion.

Why do I write?
Hmm....this is such a question I always love to answer. I write because I want to inspire the world, but hey that’s generic. I believe the focal reason why I write is because I want to feel successful in complimenting my talent. Sometimes I use ink and paper to express my emotional chess and this has helped me survive some of the things I never thought I would when I was never a writer.

What impact has writing had on you? Has it made you a better person?
Of course...when one starts writing it’s either you get to be optimistic or pessimistic about it in the first place. On my part, writing has instigated a positive impact and developed me into a better person with a great understanding of the physical global ideologies. Writing has extended my network to reach other writers across Africa, Asia and Europe. It has made me learn through their lens that being a writer is a profession that can only be achieved by hard work. Being a writer has made my works to be read across Africa as I got the opportunity of being published in several magazines like Writers Space Africa and Writers Global Movement. Being a writer has turned me into an activist against infringement of rights of women and activism against child abuse. I believe this talent has made me a better person today.

How much have you written?
Being a writer means passionately scribbling whatever comes into your mind. I have always had such an attitude where I always used to write small pieces for the sake of writing. I cannot count the number of pieces I have written so far, but considering my published works I have 3 poems published in Writers Space Africa on different themes and editions. I also have a short story published by Writers Global Movement on the theme of Child abuse. Counting my works is not necessary because I believe a writer never stops writing and sometimes the pen is the writers mouth hence we use it everyday.