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Part 2 Earlier it was noted that Trust is a mutual feeling reserved towards one or more persons by a certain individual. It leads to a certain bonding between individuals removing all limitations between them. The very first person to trust in this case is yourself. The second factor to consider with regards to trust is your behavior. Do you behave trustworthy? This is the million dollar question that many would never be comfortable to answer. Inasmuch as we want to sound cool we end up acting negative thinking we are being realistic. In the long run we end up behaving in such ways that annoy those around us. At this moment it becomes difficult for someone to trust you unless they have known you for a considerable span. Remember, to be trusted is not a right but a virtue that comes with a responsibility. If you behave wildly, no one will trust you with what they have, even their hearts. Note: it doesn't mean if you have to be trusted you need to change character. Charac…

Part 1 Trust is a mutual feeling that is reserved towards one or more persons by a certain individual. There are certain factors to consider whether one can be trusted or not. The first factor is yourself; are you capable of trusting yourself. Many times we make decisions out of ignorance and fail to listen to our inner person. As awkward as it may sound, there is always a voice that tells you, "this is not good" but we decide to ignore it. This is because we feel it is only our imagination playing tricks on us. At the end of the day we would have failed to listen to our inner person which is the heart. As a result we appear not worthy of trusting ourselves because our conscience does not listen to the heart. End of part 1. Stay tuned for more on TRUST.

Message to all parents

Hear me please as I cry to you. Let us work together in preserving and shaping the future of the present generation. Your child is a blessing that other couples are struggling to hold in their arms. He/she is not an investment. 

Especially the girl child, she might be the mother to the next president. Guard her with jealousy as if she was a chest of gold. You would never discard your treasures to the wrong people. The same applies with your daughter, she is gold that you should reserve for a paying buyer; a buyer who would put her to good use and promote her value. Instead of making them worthless breeders, let’s rather create proud mothers who take care of the community.

Do not revoke the dream of a girl child. Let a blessing be a blessing.

Yours faithfully
Jurgen Martin Namupira.