Part 2

Earlier it was noted that Trust is a mutual feeling reserved towards one or more persons by a certain individual. It leads to a certain bonding between individuals removing all limitations between them. The very first person to trust in this case is yourself. The second factor to consider with regards to trust is your behavior. Do you behave trustworthy? This is the million dollar question that many would never be comfortable to answer. Inasmuch as we want to sound cool we end up acting negative thinking we are being realistic. In the long run we end up behaving in such ways that annoy those around us. At this moment it becomes difficult for someone to trust you unless they have known you for a considerable span. Remember, to be trusted is not a right but a virtue that comes with a responsibility. If you behave wildly, no one will trust you with what they have, even their hearts. Note: it doesn't mean if you have to be trusted you need to change character. Character and behavior are two worlds apart; all it takes is acting kind and responsible with your peers. That way it won't be tough for someone to trust you. End of Part 2. Stay tuned for more on TRUST. By Jurgen Martin Namupira