Writer's Block

What is this?
Writer's block is when an author loses concentration in his/her works such that they end up failing to produce. This can also be defined as diminishing creativity.
In our Zimbabwean community of writers there has been very little or no talk of writer's block. It has come to my attention that, it could be the other reason why most budding writers are producing mediocre stuff. Most are writing in a mixed language popularly known as Shonglish which is a heavy combination of Shona and English. These writers maybe suffering from writers block, whereby they have an interesting story to tell but their creativity is low. However, they just force it out whilst it should be the other way round; an interesting story should force you to write it.
Furthermore, we have professional writers who are very good at their thing but they would also struggle to pen a short page. This situation is the most disastrous as compared to budding writers with their so called Shonglish. Especially creators of fiction, they fall victims to this problem easily. Imagine a mind that is used to creating and destroying characters all the struggling to create even one. This comes with possible psychological effects which tend to cause tension. To be a bit judgemental, one would opine that this is one reason why artists usually end up depressions and other related problems.
How can one manage writer's block
It is highly advisable for one to keep an open mind when working around pen and paper. It is not easy to manage different voices that call out to you all the time demanding you give them life. It is possible and popular that one can get at least three story ideas at once but doesn't know where to start from. Stressing on this will lead to an unnecessary stress. Hence, one should keep an open mind.
Take seasonal breaks from writing. It could be difficult to stop writing but it is necessary. As the old saying goes, "prevention is better than cure." It is one misconception by some writers that once you go black, you can't go back. No! Too much of a good turns out to be bad and so is writing. One needs to give rest to his/her mind to avoid stress.
One other management skill adopted from Eileen Murphy's guest post on Trish Hopkinson's blog
[http://trishhopkinson.com/2017/08/13/laugh-your-way-through-writers-block-guest-blog-post-by-eileen-murphy]. It is opined that you can use laughter yoga to break through writer's block. Follow the link attached above to learn more about the trick.
It is my hope that most of us as writers are able to identify writer's blocks as it creeps into our lives.
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