Part 3 (Can God Trust You anymore?) Today's episode is based on self introspection. God having entrusted us with the blood of his son, are we also in the same position to entrust him with our faith; let alone our lives.
We continually look back at our definition of trust;
a mutual feeling reserved towards one or more persons by a certain individual. 
When God gave his Son for our sins it proved his trust in us as beings of the flesh. The problem comes when we take note of our flesh and forget the spirit. Flesh will always have it's own demands but will the spirit resist from being led astray from salvation. How can we miss salvation when God already gave us the right to heavenly places? Good question right? Yes, it sounds impossible but in our human nature we have become used in our comfort zones and believe in exclusive rights. Did you know that rights alone are incomplete? A right becomes complete when it is complimented by a responsibility. Only then, our right to heavenly places will be valid or else there is no reason for God to trust us anymore. What is our responsibility then? Simple, our responsibility is to only trust God in return with our own faith and resist demands of the flesh. Like I wrote some time back; "Allow yourself to grow spiritually first before you grow in the flesh. When the flesh breaks down the spirit should remain firm because it is more experienced." End of Part 3. Stay tuned for more on Trust. By Jurgen Martin Namupira