Part 4 (Differentiate between Love and Trust) The Holy scriptures state clearly that Love is above every law and further asks us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Fair and fine, all is crystal clear in this scene up until we consider trust in the equation. We may love all but can we trust everyone? With trust being a mutual feeling, it is certain that there should be a spiritual connection between the persons. Loving is a commandment but trust is something we need to be sure of. Let's look at the mighty Samson in the book of Judges Chapter 16; had Samson considered the spiritual connection between the harlot Delilah in Gaza and himself he would have kept his secret to himself. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the treachery of love and fell into the Philistine's trap. In other words Samson could have loved but not trusted. That way his secret could have remained unknown to the Philistines who then used it to his downfall. This is the same case with most of us today, we are trusting those who deserve love alone. Not that trusting is bad, but judging is not good. For the scriptures in the book of James 4:12 go on to say; "There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy: who art thou that judgest another?" So do not step into the wrong realm and start judging, that's only God's part. Just know who to Trust and also love all. End of Part 4. Stay turned for more on Trust. By Jurgen Martin Namupira

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