Black Minds Matter

By Andrea Chipiri

Hey black child do you know who you are, what you want to be and what you should learn?

Our ancestors are probably turning in the graves for no one is noticing our strength due to our pigment...
I matter 
you minds matter...
I see a colorful future
skin doesn't define any human
every shade is beautifully made 
powerful and vibrant

There is so much strength in you and me 
World! Stop refereeing us from victory...
I matter
You matter
Black minds matter...

The Poet

Andrea Chipiri is a Zimbabwean poet situated in Zvishavane. She is studying science in politics and public management at Midland state university. She enjoys debate,chess,karate public speaking as part of her spare time activities.

Generally, l'm a person who accepts challenges in life with hopes of progress and overcoming disappointments. I also enjoy making new friends, says Andrea.


Anonymous said…
Being black doesn't mean inability..more poems needed
Anonymous said…
Nyc poem Andrea keep it up
Troynamps said…
Very true, the pigment is no's time to awaken all sleeping minds
Fundila Victor Takue said…
keep the fire burning sweety💥💥💥. keep on inspiring us . we support you &