I'm Coming Home

On the unfortunate part,
I won’t say it in person
but it would have been best.
My eyes have grown weary
filled with virgin sleep,
I haven’t slept for weeks on end…
All I have claim to is hope,
           hope for a lighter sentence.

I was never forced,
I only followed fate's decision…
In a sudden rush I left home,
I promised all;
I will be back soon,
I thought…
Inspired by the hope,
I still am stuck far from home.

Home away from home...
The real will always be the best,
Sweet like coffee in bed
Served by the one next to nothing in your heart.
I wish...it is the best I can do,
Wishing for my hope to bear fruit.
I have failed,
Tried to distance myself from thee, my family
But I can't anymore.

I'm coming home,
Home is best...