You Were

By Chenai Boroma

You left me stressed
Annoyed, haunted, 
Terrified, shattered, 
Ladened, bored
Frightened, enraged,
Discouraged, tempted, 
Disheartened, ridiculed,
Disappointed, depressed,
Humiliated, agitated,
Ashamed, infuriated, 
Irritated above all 
Well guess what 
I found a replacement for you, 
He is here now and 
I'm pleased, reassured, 
Satisfied, excited, 
Delighted, proud,
Fascinated above all 
I'm loved. 

You were 
Arrogant, intolerant 
Wicked and very weird 
So uncultured, 
Always dissatisfied...above all 
 Old fashioned 
But now I have him 
Who is 
Patient, tolerant 
Decent, and he's 

You were pathetic, 
Never sympathetic 
Always sardonic , 
Pessimistic, egoistic 
And Manic, 
You were
A negative critic
And sarcastic 
But he's realistic 
And I'm optimistic.

You were pompous, 
Always furious,
Never serious , 
Always Suspicious, 
And curious
So envious and 
Ungracious, callous
And Contemptuous 
You were 
Very Jealous and dubious.
You Made me feel nervous 
And sometimes anxious
But he's gracious 
And courteous
He treats me like 
I'm a  Princess.

You always were
Angry and Haughty, 
Your face looked Gloomy 
And Scary. You were 
Cheeky and Unfriendly, 
Always Bossy,
Filled with melancholy 
So Witty and  moody
To me you  behaved rudely 
Made me feel uneasy and weary
You Never told me I'm pretty 
Instead you made me feel pity
But really? 
When you reflect on it all 
Don't you even feel guilty? 
Anyway now I'm happy

Unlike you 
He's always cheerful,
Never boastful but instead; 
He's trustful.
I'm no longer 
Fearful, neither am I resentful
Nor Doubtful...I now know 
I am beautiful 
And to him 
I'm thankful and 
Forever grateful

The Poet

Chenai was born on August 10, 1997. For her primary she attended Higgins primary in Marondera and completed her high school studies in 2016 at Rakodzi high school in the same town. She holds a diploma in Customer Service Excellence.

Her interests are in story writing, aviation and highly passionate towards being a social commentator. She also pays close attention to the social follies affecting girls. Her first performances were in form three when she used to present her speeches.