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Book Review: The Art of Realising your Dream.

By Jurgen Namupira

One day I came across a soft copy of this book once again when I was perusing through some of my files. I read some of the chapters yet again for the umpteenth time and still felt like I'm reading for the first time. The book really is an amazing piece and compelled me to write something about it.
Who is Abel Mavura?

Abel Mavura is a Social Justice Advocate, a Development Practitioner, a Solution Bearer, Life skills Coach and Trainer. His passion is in networking, creating synergies and sharing ideas. He is also a communication enthusiast holding an English Diploma issued by the British College of Management, Southampton, Journalism and communication Christian College of Sourhern Africa CCOSA. 
Abel was born and raised in an average family in one of the marginalized villages of Zimbabwe. He had to strive courageously to reach all he has achieved today. As a result of his background experience in Community Development Work, he has helped identify and scout various t…


by Silibaziso Kim Chuka

Once upon a time I was falling in love,
alas a total eclipse of the heart.

That facaded chime of love you preached,
this vice of human folly to it i fell prey
the importance of being ernest you knew not.. .

love to fault,
to fault always blind,
breaking all the fetters and walls around me with your lies

A magnitude of solace i thought i had in the quietude,
the secrecy confined..

Alas now I know to know love from deceit.

The PoetBorn on the 18th of March 1995, Silibaziso is a Zimbabwean poet, writer and humanitarian whose planning to study journalism. Her passion of the art has been fueled by her day to day surroundings.

Mostly she enjoys reading and writing, listening to jazz and soul. She is very social, helpful and polite with a glimmer of humor. As it is she is capable to work individually and also in a team setting, very outgoing and tactful. Silibaziso started writing at the age of 14 although not published yet. Her works are mainly centered on the parad…

Mosi oa Tunya

By Jurgen Namupira
uh huh!
At last,
I have found it;
the smoke without fire,
but with rage and heavy drones
armed with heavy downpours
and a touch of beauty.

©️troynamps 2018

Blessed be

By Jurgen Namupira

Blessed be He [God] sitting above the universe [In glory]
looking down upon the sinful world [Us],
yet ready to forgive all sins [ours].

Blessed be the son [Jesus]
all saints stand in awe [adoration]
thankful for unconditional provision [Grace],
door open for all [Into Salvation].

Blessed be the comforter [Holy Spirit]
here to guide, protect and lead us [Forever]
are we that special to receive such [Not rhetoric]?
Truth be told, we are blessed!

Blessed be thee;
 the three in one
  reigning in majesty
   Blessed be the Father,
     Blessed be the Son,
       Blessed be the Holy Spirit
         Blessed be...

©️troynamps 2018