by Silibaziso Kim Chuka

Once upon a time I was falling in love,
alas a total eclipse of the heart.

That facaded chime of love you preached,
this vice of human folly to it i fell prey
the importance of being ernest you knew not.. .

love to fault,
to fault always blind,
breaking all the fetters and walls around me with your lies

A magnitude of solace i thought i had in the quietude,
the secrecy confined..

Alas now I know to know love from deceit.

The Poet

Born on the 18th of March 1995, Silibaziso is a Zimbabwean poet, writer and humanitarian whose planning to study journalism. Her passion of the art has been fueled by her day to day surroundings.

Mostly she enjoys reading and writing, listening to jazz and soul. She is very social, helpful and polite with a glimmer of humor. As it is she is capable to work individually and also in a team setting, very outgoing and tactful. Silibaziso started writing at the age of 14 although not published yet. Her works are mainly centered on the paradoxical social setups and the world as a whole. She loves exploring and learning new things daily, hence her poetry seems like that of a broken mind.

“This is all there is to tell about myself so far as I am still evolving,” says Silibaziso.