Book Review: The Art of Realising your Dream.

By Jurgen Namupira

One day I came across a soft copy of this book once again when I was perusing through some of my files. I read some of the chapters yet again for the umpteenth time and still felt like I'm reading for the first time. The book really is an amazing piece and compelled me to write something about it.

Who is Abel Mavura?

Abel Mavura is a Social Justice Advocate, a Development Practitioner, a Solution Bearer, Life skills Coach and Trainer. His passion is in networking, creating synergies and sharing ideas. He is also a communication enthusiast holding an English Diploma issued by the British College of Management, Southampton, Journalism and communication Christian College of Sourhern Africa CCOSA. 

Abel Mavura
Abel was born and raised in an average family in one of the marginalized villages of Zimbabwe. He had to strive courageously to reach all he has achieved today. As a result of his background experience in Community Development Work, he has helped identify and scout various talents in youths and link them at international levels. He is also the founder of MAYO Zimbabwe a community development organization which he established at the age of 16 and chairman of Baniar international company; focusing on ICT services. 

Abel also worked with Action Aid International. He holds a Bachelor of science degree in sociology , Master of Science Degree in Advanced Global Studies.

The Book

Abel Mavura introduced me to his book on 27 December, 2016 when it still had five interesting titles.I didn't know the gentleman, but I instantly fell in love with his book and jumped onto the wagon of artistic progress. The book was then released a year later after some thorough panel beating leaving it with nothing, but rich knowledge in black and white.

I am pleased to not have only read, but also having been part of the process giving birth to "The Art of Realising your Dream". The sixteen (16) chapters of this book are well knit and the very first chapter is a chapter for the convenience of those who do not know the author personally. Abel starts his journey into the book by opening a window into his past through the chapter "The Person Behind my Person". Through this chapter readers get to know who really is Abel Mavura and where is this gentleman really coming from and headed to. This is how the rest of the book develops, drawing lessons from the introduced background of the author.

The book truly is an important publication which can be somehow treated as a life coaching guide. Abel does not only talk of his successes, but also stresses on how he sometimes failed and strove to get back to his feet with courage. Taking for example his narration on how he struggled to register hi organization MAYO. All the challenges did not deter him from trying, but he kept on trying harder and knocking on office doors until he received the desired responses. 

This is the book for all those looking for inspiration and motivation. Read it from the words of a man who has pushed until something happened.

Abel Mavura can be contacted via:
Email: Abel Mavura
Facebook: Abel Mavura