Open Chat- Meet Esteem Tafirenyika

Art Plus Hope has taken a new leap of faith and hopes to create an impact in the world of art. We have started doing interviews with established or aspiring artists of all calibers. Our objective is to help more artists get known by the world. Besides just posting their works, we also need to introduce them in person to the world.

Today we are joined by Esteem Tafirenyika a young enthusiastic orator. He is focused on helping Africa utilise what she has and take her real position globally.
Esteem Tafirenyika

(OC) Welcome Esteem, and thank you for spending time with us at Open Chat.

(ET) The pleasure is all mine.

(OC) Can you start by giving our followers a brief background of yourself and where you are coming from?

(ET) I'm an Orator and Entrepreneur but still in High School. I have ventured into various projects, some of which are still works in progress. I started speaking in 2014 and l am actually fighting to be a Professional Speaker.

(OC) What or who has been your greatest inspiration of all time?

(ET) I have been Inspired but many people but two people l can call Greatest are Dr Prophet W Magaya and President Abraham Lincoln.

(OC)Where do you get your ideas or rather inspiration from?

(ET) From God through his word.

(OC)Why do you speak?

(ET) To motivate and Inspire people so that they mine the potential in them.

(OC)What do you find most appealing about your chosen topics?

(ET) They usually appeal to the passions and Prejudices of my audience

(OC)How do you deal with bad reviews, rejection and criticism?

(ET) Criticism helps me to look at my work from a different perspective which also teaches me other lessons.

(OC) Esteem, you surely have developed in your skills. What are you busy with now in terms of of motivating and inspiring Africa?

(ET) I'm working on spoken word audios which will not take time to circulate because of social media.

(OC)What do you find difficult about being an orator?

(ET)  It requires you to read a lot at the end of the day you end suspending other social programs, so people end up thinking l am selfish or anti-social but its just that l will be working.

(OC)What advice would you give to aspiring orators?

(ET) Never stop working because we only have one shot in life. "If not us then who, if not now then when" Winston Churchill.

(OC)If you could go back in time 12 months, what would you advise yourself?

(ET)  To start that time because I wasted time.

(OC)Who is your favourite orator and why?

(ET)   Nelson Chamisa because of his confidence and Command of the English Language.

(OC)Which email list are you subscribed to?


(OC)How do you interact with other orators? Are you a member of an orators club?

(ET)  Through Social Media. I haven't joined any orators club.

(OC) Let’s talk about Esteem the Gentleman! Give us a bit of your social and family life.

(ET) I don't really have a lot of friends. But Family is all good and kicking.

(OC) Any final words for our followers?

(ET) I can't promise you that its going to be easy but if you never start you will never learn.

(OC)Many thanks for this interview, Esteem. Good luck with your future projects.

(ET) The pleasure is all mine

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