Open Chat- Meet Talent Ncube

As part of the Art Plus Hope Blog initiative, today at Open Chat (OC) we are joined by Talent Ncube, a lady of 31 years with a great passion of spoken word. As an aspiring artist she enjoys telling stories to people around her and hopes to grow her audience.

(OC) Welcome Talent, and thank you for spending time with us at Open Chat.

(TN) Thank you for having me on open Chat

(OC) Can you start by giving our followers a brief background of yourself and where you are coming from?

Talent Ncube
(TN) Talent is a lady who grew up in Zimbabwe and had a fair share of both hassles and a great childhood. She is popularly known as Tenacious, a name given to her because of her strong determination to her goals.

(OC) What or who has been your greatest inspiration of all time?

(TN) Because I have to mention one I’ll go with Strive Masiyiwa, the owner of the leading Cellular network in Zimbabwe. He is not just a business mogul; he is a motivational speaker and his writings touch the lives of young people including myself. He inspires me a lot such that I am addicted to his feeds on Facebook hahaha

C) Why do you choose to speak?

(TN) They say speaking out not only creates an audience for you, but it also addresses your inner dilemmas. As a speaker I chose to speak because speaking makes me find my inner strengths and speaking gives me the liberty to share my subject my way. Being a woman striving for my space in the society I speak because I want draw attention to pivotal issues and my experiences on they own can inspire one or two individuals.

(OC)What do you find most appealing about your chosen topics?

(TN) They are always relevant, dynamic, comical and of course well prepared.

(OC)How do you deal with bad reviews, rejection and criticism?

(TN) As a speaker I sometimes get criticised or rejected but I always introspect myself and work on areas where I feel need sharpening. I am a vivid reader therefore I always aspire to wake up to a new challenge everyday so criticism keeps me on my toes to read more.

(OC) Talent, you surely have developed in your skills. What are you busy with now in terms of telling stories to the world?

(TN) I am currently putting together a script of motivational speeches I have done and planning to do. I am planning to compile them into a book so that they can be accessible for future readers and speakers.

(OC)What do you find difficult about being a speaker?

(TN)  The art of speaking is not recognized and rewarded like other art professions. It’s a challenge to get the right audience it’s either people expect you to talk about what they want to hear or there those touchy subjects which they avoid listening to.

(OC)What advice would you give to aspiring speakers?

(TN) Contrary to popular belief that speaking comes naturally, it is an art that requires one to sharpen their skills through reading, practising and research and rehearsing. For you to be a great speaker, always connect with your audience.

(OC)If you could go back in time and reflect on your past, what would you advise yourself?

(TN)  I would definitely teach myself to grab the bull by its horn all the time. I lost so many opportunities because of fear until I learnt that fear is ones greatest enemy. Unless you speak out no one would know what is in your mind.

(OC)Who is your favourite speaker and why?

(TN)   I have several speakers internationally I’ll go with TD Jakes for his wisdom and Ilhan Omar for her articulation, intelligence and bravery. I also like Strive Masiyiwa for the obvious reasons, the man is humble and great speaker cum teacher.

C) Which email list are you subscribed to?

(TN) Google mail

(OC)How do you interact with other speakers? Are you a member of a speakers club?

(TN)  Yes I am an active member of a group called Public speakers where we interact on daily basis via social media. We conduct debates, reviews as well as assisting each other with drafting speeches and the art of being a great speaker.

(OC) Let’s talk about Talent the lady! Give us a bit of your social and family life.

(TN) Hahaha you should know that I am an Octopus.  I am employed by a leading insurance company, run my own small cosmetics business, involved in a number of charity organizations , active in sports as well as being a mother of two beautiful  girls.  My family and friends are my biggest cheerleaders hence the ability to multi task.

(OC) Any final words for our followers?

(TN) They should watch the space on social media Tenacious is coming strong with her motivational speeches. I also do live shows and for bookings contact me +263778976040/+263715338050, email, Facebook – Tenacious Mabuza and Twitter @Tenaciousmabuza

(OC)Many thanks for this interview, Talent. Good luck with your future projects.

(TN) It is my pleasure Sir, thank you.

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