Open Chat- Meet Kim Chuka

Today on Open Chat we are joined by Kim Chuka, a young and talented Lady. Kim is a poet and theatre artist.

(OC) Welcome Kim and thanks for joining us at Open Chat.

(Kim) thank you very much I am honoured to be here

(OC) Sure, so without wasting much time. Please tell us a brief story about Kim

Kim Chuka
(Kim) So Kim is short for kimberly, fully known as Silibaziso kimberly Samkheliso Chuka I am a theatre practitioner and poet. First child in a family of three started writing at the age of 14 I find life when I write and perform so basically art is life oh and I am 21 my stage name is Thespiansphynx

(OC) Wow, such an intriguing background. As a poet, what inspires you to mate pen and paper?
(Kim) life situations, emotions and society

(OC) Has writing brought any satisfaction towards your intentions as a poet?

(Kim) very much, it has and still does

(OC)Awesome! Do you ever regret being a poet?

(Kim) not at all

(OC) So you are good with poetry

(Kim) yes I can say

(OC) Great!  Do you ever receive any criticisms?

(Kim) yes I do a lot

(OC) How do you manage any sort of criticism, either positive or negative?
(Kim) I have learnt one thing when life throws a curve ball u overpower it and go with the flow, so both negative and positive I take with a smile on my face

(OC) Wow, that's pretty awesome and inspirational. Now tell us about the inspiration behind Kim on theatre stage
(Kim) that one now, it just comes I simply wear the character given, though sometimes I have the day to day action as inspiration

(OC) Ha-ha good, do you sometimes feel uncomfortable with a given character role

(Kim): yes many times I have struggled with some given characters

(OC) How do you overcome such situations?

(Kim) the art of distinguishing my own character from that of the star and also looking at what
the given character is invoking in the audience

(OC) That's really good. I believe over the period you have developed yourself. What would you say the art has developed in you?

(Kim) determination, a kindred spirit, patience and the art of ensemble work

(OC) You truly are an artist. Do you any published works or are we to expect something from your kitchen soon

(Kim) there is something in the kitchen though I have co-authored some poetry anthologies namely a tribute to penny, voices for southern Africa and Voices

(OC) We are anxiously waiting for the upcoming fruit. So to wrap up now, do you have any word for any aspiring poets and theatre artists?

(Kim) thank you, all I can say is live life sharing your gift and talent to the world for your importance is measured on how effectively you impact and change the lives around you.

(OC) That's a fact for life, thank you very much for your time. All the best in your career

(Kim) thank you once again

(OC) With pleasure

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So proud of you bev; may God take you toplaces #Graca