He Is My Uncle

By Karen C Solomon                                     

I stood there! Looking very smart, he winked his eye and I honestly smiled back because he is my uncle.
One day aunty dropped me at school and was supposed to pick me up like always. She then called later  informing the Principal that she was caught up with work and was not able to come pick me up! Then my uncle was called to pick me up.

Yes he is my uncle! We went to Nandos. I no longer knew the taste of it ever since prices sky rocketed. But because he is my uncle I had  the privilege of getting another taste .

Tired as I was, I slept in his car and I don't know how I got to my room. The moment I woke up I saw him near me. Yes my uncle! I was confused and did not know why he had to be in my room.  He told me that he wanted to make sure that I was warm. I smiled again and thanked him because he is my uncle. The following day my aunt left for work leaving the two of us home. Uncle who said he could not go to work because he was sick. He asked for tea and I took it to his bedroom only to find him in his boxer short. I had to cover my face, but he laughed telling me not to act like a little girl. Come on I was only 16, very little.

The moment I handed him his tea is the moment I lost it all! He grabbed me with all his manly strength. He took away my innocence, he destroyed my soul! He distorted my pride! He charged me not to tell anyone. And I did not tell anyone. I did not want to loose the little life I was left with! He would bring gifts for me and he would smile. I wished him death, but he is my uncle. I tried to tell my aunt, but she was too busy for me! I thought of going to the police, but I was told not to tell a soul. He is my uncle. The owner of the STI I have, the father to my unborn baby! What will be of me? When aunt realised I was pregnant she chased me away calling me all sorts of names. When I told my uncle that I was pregnant he slapped me. But he is my uncle.

The Author
Karen C Solomon

Karen Chiedza Solomon is a  young girl  who is an upper sixsix stud at Herentals group of colleges and by God's grace she is the Head girl. 

She lives in Kuwadzana Extension, Harare, one small ghetto that has tons of talents that  goes unrecognised. She also aspires to be an actress, professional writer, motivational speaker and a sociologist. Karen believes in Arts! She loves public speaking. And she believes that through writing a message can be sent!


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