Miscarriage of Dreams

By Nyasha Celeste Makombe Thee poetic rain drop

I say unto you say no more
I'm still struggling to cough out the water I swallowed the last time you let me drown
I'm still faking a smile while my soul if frowning
This happy mask I wear daily
Has enslaved and slaughtered the sight of my true identify
I fail to recognise the stranger looking back at me every time I stare into the mirror
I fail to recognise the stranger hidden deep within my own reflection
You say I'm heartless unable   to forgive  can't move on
So tell me how do I move on when every cell in my being is painted with memories of him
When walking nightmare follow me in broad daylight
Every time I close my eyes I see him I feel him his scent fills the emptiness of my bed ... how do I do it
How do I say it when every atom in me floats in a pool of hatred
Tears have gone dry I've cried way too long
Their words keep on repeating themselves in my head like an endless melody
Disgrace they said
They said I would disgrace them
They said I would bring shame upon the family
My own flesh and blood failed to bring bring light upon my soul they failed to feel my pain and wipe my tears
So I went to them the ones that always preach of justice
Justice for who ?
Not  for me not for my people
Please stop telling me we equal
When money rules
And some people are more equal than others
The docket disappears
 the case closed
The pain within boiling like a volcano waiting to erupt
Don't tell me of forgiveness
Because i lay in a pool of tears thirsty for revenge

The Poet
Nyasha Celeste Makombe

Nyasha Celeste Makombe is a poet, film writer,  novels and short stories writer as well. She contributed towards a book titled Diary of a black revolver.  She plans to release a book Titled Bleeding Tears this festive season which will be a collection of 48 poems and a novel titled ASK MY FATHER.  Started writing 2012. Writing is a calling to Nyasha, something that she lives and breathes for.  She is proudly  Zimbabwean


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